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Ecology Reptile Habitats
The Komodo Ecology Habitat has been designed to make it simple and easy to create the optimal eco-system for the reptile.  Available in a beech finish and five sizes it comes complete with non-slip rubber feet to enable safer stacking.

Komodo design benefits:

Peace of mind: Safety glass sliding doors aren’t just for easy access and great visibility. In case of an accident, our precision fitted safety glass is will shatter, not shard, eliminating risks for both the keeper and the kept.

Easy installation: Easy access for electrical cables and thermostat probes means no more unsightly drill holes. Customers can even fit larger items by easy removal and replacement of the top panel.

Clever design for superior air flow: Komodo Reptile Habitat vivariums feature ventilation installed in each side panel, providing better airflow than traditional vivarium designs. With ventilation on the side rather than on the back our vivariums can be positioned against walls, as indeed most are, without impeding the flow of air through the vents. Improved air flow helps to prevent the build up of CO² (carbon dioxide) and harmful pathogens.

Practical stacking solution: Non-slip feet allow Ecology Reptile Habitats to be stacked, making them safe in situ and ideal for the hobbyist with multiple enclosures.

Longer lasting: Reptile Ecology Habitats are made from high-quality veneered MDF for better insulation and increased durability (not the cheaper chipboard currently on the market), compared with traditional chipboard vivs. Panels are fixed together using stronger fittings at more regular intervals to provide a super-secure construction.

57x49x43.4cm small.....£89.00Rrp
Our Price £65.00ea Save £24.00
86x49x43.4cm med.....£119.99Rrp
Our Price £99.00ea Save £20.99
115x49x43.4cm Lrg.....£159.99Rrp
Our Price £119.00ea Save £40.99
115x60x43.4cm X/Lrg.....£174.99Rrp
Our Price £135.00ea Save £39.99

Plus one of our BEST SELLERS

120x60x80cm Jumbo.....£199.00Rrp
Our Price £165.00ea Save £34.00

These savings are available in all our stores now 


Ecology Tortoise Table

New to the Komodo Ecology wooden terrarium range is our Tortoise Table and Stand.  The easy to assemble tortoise table measures 90x45x21cm (35"x18"x8") and makes it simple to create an optimum eco-system for a tortoise.  Hygienic and easy to clean, a matching stand is also available.  The built-in hide features a hinged lid to provide the owner with easy access and heat mat holder to provide a straightforward solution for keeping the hide warm.

  • Built in hide with hinged lid and heat mat holder
  • Easy to assemble
  • Hygienic and easy to clean
  • Optional stand available (Jan 2105)
  • Requires new Komodo Lighting stand for overhead heating
Only £69.00ea

Arriving in stores now. Nutri-Cal is a complete multivitamin, packed with a precise balance of key nutrients which are essential for reptile health. Scientifically formulated to aid in the prevention of metabolic bone disease, Nutri-Cal contains calcium, D3 and a broad complex of vitamins and minerals to support growth and long term well being. Nutri-Cal is an important tool in the feeding regime for the majority of tortoises and lizards and is designed for maximum adherence to live insects and fresh plant food. This is a similar product to nutrobal but at a cheaper price. prices starting from only £4.99

Now in stock
UK Bred baby Veiled Chameleons @ only £49.00ea. These chameleons are one of the easiest to keep and always very popular.

an advisable set up for babies is:
1 x 45x45x60 terrarium
1 x small Clamp lamp
1 x basking bulb
1 x single Arcadia UV canopy
all the above plus one baby chameleon only £249.00
This makes the chameleon price only £29.99 when purchased together with the above items


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Established in 2009, we are a professional herpetology centre, providing the very Best Quality Reptiles, Amphibians and invertebrates at sensible prices, as well as strongly promoting the correct welfare and captive breeding of specific Reptile, Amphibian and invertebrates species.

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We are different from most animals shops/Pet shops as we care for the animals as if they are our own. we are constantly in contact with welfare organizations, local Veterinary Surgeries as well as Suitably Qualified UK Renowned Herpetologists and Qualified Specialists. This ensures that you receive the correct advice at all times. What also makes us totally different from all our competitors is that we don't just make false statements of being Qualified Herpetologists with no qualifications to back these statements up. At Strictly Exotics all our staff are not only hand picked for a position within the company, but we insist that our staff are very knowledgeable in various areas of there own specialized preferred animals, this ensures a vast range of ability and experience that can be passed onto all our customers.