Hello and welcome to our new Strictly Exotics Site!

Vivarium Clearout
We currently have 100's of various sized vivariums excess to requirement and are giving all our customers the opportunity to purchase these at a drastically reduced prices.
All these units are second hand and some come with heatmats, lighting etc already installed. Due to the vast number of units we have to clear it is impossible to list every individual unit, but a shortlist is available on our facebook page or email us to enquire about a specific size you may be interested in. All units are in useable condition and some are only available in certain stores. With prices starting at only £25.00ea, can you afford to miss out?
(all units purchased as seen basis only, delivery on larger stacks can be arranged at an additional cost)

Now in stock
UK Bred baby Veiled Chameleons @ only £49.00ea. These chameleons are one of the easiest to keep and always very popular.

an advisable set up for babies is:
1 x 45x45x60 terrarium
1 x small Clamp lamp
1 x basking bulb
1 x single Arcadia UV canopy
all the above plus one baby chameleon only £249.00
This makes the chameleon price only £29.99 when purchased together with the above items

Horsefield Tortoise & Reeves Turtle MEGA DEAL
Due to the loyal support from all our customers we are able to offer you these amazing deals on Horsefield Tortoise & Reeves Turtles setups. When you purchase everything you require we are able to give you the BEST EVER ... prices on these animals.
These discounts only apply on purchase of the setup stated below at the same time, otherwise normal animal prices apply.

Horsefield Tortoise vivarium setup:
1 x Komodo Ecology Vivarium 86x49x43.4cm (only available in beech )
Thermostat, thermometer, ceramic heater, Holders, Substrate & UV lighting
1 x CB14 Horsefield Tortoise Nrp: £309.00, Offer Price: £259.99 (tortoise price only £29.99ea) 2 Tortoise maximum per purchase

Reeves Turtle setup:
1 x 2ft tank, Arcpod UV lighting, filter, Ramp, thermometer, water heater and food
1 x CB14 reeves Turtle NRP:£165.00, Offer price £149.00
(please consider fully the implications of the life care for Turtles before purchase) 2 Turtles maximum per purchase

All setups will be ordered on confirmation of the sale. Animal discount prices only available (and apply) on purchase of the above setups. Items within the setups can be changed at any time.

Our Old facebook pages
We sincerely appologies about our former Facebook pages but they were hi-jacked by former staff who considered it funny to start a hate campaign not only against our company but also against the owner. We have now created a new page that we would love you to join and within this we will ensure not only do we keep you informed about the latest husbandry ideas, but also upto date account on all information relating to all new arrivals of quality animals and new stocks within our stores. We, as per normal will allow and encourage everyone to share in all aspects of responsible and respectable keeping of all reptiles and amphibians within our and their care.
We again, sincerely appologies  about any difficulties you may have had within the past week but we can assure you all matters are already being dealt with fully and accordingly in which the manner it deserves.
Lastly, we sincerely appreciate all the messages and emails of support with reference to this unforseen issue


Welcome to Strictly Exotics Direct's new store & website! Much more streamlined and universal than the previous, you will find everything you could before and more!

We pride ourselves in giving all our customers the opportunity of purchasing one of the widest ranges of reptiles in the UK today. Our range is expanded weekly and we ensure our quality is second to none. Our selection of stock is mainly purchased by us Direct from sources around the world and this not only ensures we control every aspect of the animals care but also control our suppliers ensuring only the best quality for all our customers.

Items will be unable to be bought for the next couple of days while we roll out the final touches to our new site. However, i ask that you keep an eye out on facebook in order to keep up to date with when we finally launch the site for sales!


We thank you for understanding, and hope that you enjoy our new shop experience once it rolls out and we have ironed any issues out!

Customers please note:

All our Dry goods prices shown are only available by purchasing within our online internet shop only. They do not reflect the prices within our walk-in stores. Livestock prices are exactly the prices we sell within our stores.

Some Livestock may not available in all our stores please check with store if there is an item you are interested in to ensure availability

Trade accounts welcome: suppliers to Pet stores, Zoo's, Universities, colleges etc

Check out our FANTASTIC range of Livestock!

Who Are We?

Established in 2009, we are a professional herpetology centre, providing the very Best Quality Reptiles, Amphibians and invertebrates at sensible prices, as well as strongly promoting the correct welfare and captive breeding of specific Reptile, Amphibian and invertebrates species.

We also have an online service that will provide you with sensible care sheets for a wide variety of related animals. We aim to ensure that you can find the newest ideas that are all reptile related and if you are still looking, we will also be providing a forum there for you can contact others for advice and help.

We are different from most animals shops/Pet shops as we care for the animals as if they are our own. we are constantly in contact with welfare organizations, local Veterinary Surgeries as well as Suitably Qualified UK Renowned Herpetologists and Qualified Specialists. This ensures that you receive the correct advice at all times. What also makes us totally different from all our competitors is that we don't just make false statements of being Qualified Herpetologists with no qualifications to back these statements up. At Strictly Exotics all our staff are not only hand picked for a position within the company, but we insist that our staff are very knowledgeable in various areas of there own specialized preferred animals, this ensures a vast range of ability and experience that can be passed onto all our customers.